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Care Instructions & Stabilization

Care Instructions

Your piece of everlasting AURUSART contains precious metal which, by its nature, contains flaws such as small scratches and dents that make your artwork unique and more valuable.

It is best displayed at room temperature (72 degrees Fahrenheit) and with low humidity to avoid potential condensation. Your art is easier to maintain if you handle the glass by its edges, with lint-free cotton gloves, or a soft microfiber cloth. Use a soft cloth to remove fingerprints. To clean the glass with a window cleaning solvent, spray it on a soft cloth first to minimize moisture penetrating the glass joints. See the diagram below for using stabilizing pegs.

We hope you enjoy your “art everlasting” for generations to come, and will add to your AURUSART collection soon.


stabilization-300x215.jpgYour AURUSART should stand on its own glass edges if displayed in a stable environment. Should there be any seismic activity or similar vibration issues where it will be displayed, please use the stabilization pegs provided with your AURUSART.

Insert the hex end of the pegs into the heads of screws at the rear of the artwork to stabilize the glass so the art can “stand” up.